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I live in Worcester, a city located about 30 miles south west of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I am now semi-retired but I do undertake consultancy work in the area of open systems security when topics come up in which I have an interest.   The majority of my career has been in defence but I have also worked in industry and academia.

Some of My Technical Interests in Outline

  • The Internet

I have a strong interest in the development and exploitation of the Internet. Within this field my main area of activity is in supporting actions to improve security and privacy within the Global Information Infrastructure and in the National and Regional Information Infrastructures of the UK and Europe.

  • Technology Policy Development

As a scientist and engineer I am committed to the need for social responsibility in use of technology by society. As a result I support the principles of open government and freedom of information.  In particular I wish to see open debate and public participation in the development of UK government policies in all technological areas which can be expected to have a profound impact on UK citizens.

  • UK Cryptography Policy

A particular policy area in which I am active is in the maintenance and development of existing freedoms in the UK in the exploitation of cryptography for the provision of privacy and information security.  I support the need to pursue this objective in a way which protects legitimate law enforcement and national security interests provided that these have been openly debated and widely accepted by informed and interested UK citizens as being in their collective interest and not detrimental to the development of democracy and human freedom on a global scale.  More details here.

  • Computing

I have been using computers since 1960, starting with the Ferranti Pegasus, the English Electric KDF9 and the CDC6600.  I bought my first home PC in the early 1970s and have since had many different machines using Z-80, 68000 and now Intel X86 processors. From 1975 to 1985 I developed and licensed software for home computers including word processors, utilities and operating systems.

  • Mathematics and Physics

    I am interested in the following areas of mathematics and physics:

    • cryptography (more details here).
    • factoring and prime numbers
    • mapping and geodesy
    • mathematical function approximation
    • electromagnetic theory