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Computing Projects

This part of my web site is intended to contain various computing projects that others might find interesting.

The GNU Multiple Precision Library for VC++

Here is information on MPIR, a multiple precision library (forked from GMP) for use with Microsoft Visual Studio and the YASM assembler.

The GNU Scientific Library (v1.15) for Visual Studio 2010

Here is my build project for the GNU Scientific Library, version 1.15 with Visual Studio 2010

Elliptic Curve Factoring using GMP for VC++

Here is a Visual Studio 2008 build project for Paul Zimmermann's Elliptic Curve Method (ECM) program.

Mpqs4linux for Windows, GMP and VC++

Here is the mpqs4linux code modified for use with VC++ and NASM. This was a difficult port so there may be issues that still need to be sorted out.  But I have done some 80 decimal digit factorisations with it.

Factoring Projects

I am interesting in factoring large composite numbers and a little involved in a number of efforts detailed here.